Thursday, 11 August 2016

Abyssic Commune - Bigcartel now open

The Abyssic Commune bigcartel store is now open. Shipping/orders are restricted to Australian customers only.  All items can be obtained from overseas labels:

Thursday, 4 August 2016

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE 'The Hecatomb' OUT NOW - Iron Bonehead Productions


TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE (Australia) "The Hecatomb" 12"LP / CD / T-Shirt

12"LP details:

- 350gsm Jacket With Matt Varnish & Inside Flooded In Black
- 180g Heavy Black Vinyl
- 8 Page Booklet On 200gsm Art Paper
- A 2 Poster On 150gsm Art Paper
- Mastering By BR
- Artwork By Nekronikon

Digipak CD details:

4 Panel Digipak With 8 Page Booklet On 170gsm Art Paper

Also Available: "The Hecatomb" T-Shirt
Gildan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt With 2 Sided Print.
Size S to XXL.
(Picture shows a mock up actual front print is a bit smaller)

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE's highly anticipated second album, The Hecatomb. For the last five years, mainman IV has been pursuing a bleak 'n' oblique vision of death metal. Although rooted in the vast and vibrant Australian black metal scene, the mysterious IV invested the blackest of arts into ancient Metal of Death, initially self-describing TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE as "Ritualistic Death Metal Necromancy." And indeed, that was the root - and result - of the then-duo's massive debut album, Condemnation, in 2013. But with last year's coveted split LP with comrades Vassafor - released to critical acclaimed by IRON BONEHEAD, and the lineup now expanded to a trio - the sound of TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE subtly began to morph into more atmospheric and more deeply cavernous shapes.

Alas, with TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE's lineup now a functioning a quartet, those shapes have arisen in the form of The Hecatomb. Ever so aptly titled, The Hecatomb is lumbering, lurking menace and miasmic dread dragged to the Beyond and back. It's tangibly still death metal in nature, but there's a certain sinister sensation that eludes conventionally metallic definition; its hulking plod gives way to bestial pulse and then evaporates into a smokestack-dense fog of frightening, palpable evil. The manner in which these nine tracks - three of which are concertedly dark-ambient "Commune" soundscapes - burst forth and then billow away suggest ritualistic disintegration...or more accurately, transcendence.

"A slow descent into Hell" is an oft-misused/abused appellation for sepulchral death metal, but it truly is done justice here. Abyssal sound devoted to and driven by death worship: TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE's The Hecatomb shall stand as a new golden pillar of fathomless morbidity.
(Nathan T. Birk)



Saturday, 2 July 2016

ILL OMEN / SLAUGHTBBATH - Pestilential Hierophanies 7" Split EP

"Pestilential Hierophanies" 7" Split EP

Available at Abyssic Commune now!

- 300gsm 8 Panel Foldout Cardboard Jacket
- Black Vinyl
- Exclusive Songs By Both Bands
- Artwork By Nekronikon
- Audio Mastering By VK
- Limited To 500 Copies

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a special split 7" between two of black metal's most prolifically yet consistently powerful bands, Australia's ILL OMEN and Chile's SLAUGHTBBATH. Aptly titled Pestilential Hierophanies, the record features an exclusive song from both bands and jaw-dropping foldout artwork courtesy of Nekronikon. ILL OMEN are on Side A, and in "Whited, Pestilent Sepulchre..." deliver a slow-burn monolith of magisterial might, exploding into dizzying, delirium-inducing frenzy by song's end. On Side B, SLAUGHTBBATH deliver one of their most epic and dynamic tracks yet with "Inverted Hierophany," rolling forward with a tense 'n' dense stomp before likewise exploding into bestial savagery. Although seemingly a tease from two bands who rarely put out full-lengths in relation to the rest of their respectively vast discographies, Pestilential Hierophanies is an indispensable expansion into the equally nightmarish worlds both SLAUGHTBBATH and ILL OMEN inhabit.
(Nathan T. Birk)


Monday, 6 June 2016

FUNERAL MOURNING - Descent - MMXV - 10 vinyl

Now available within Australia via Abyssic Commune.
Order: voidcommune (at) hotmail (dot) com

10 years after the first album 'Descent' was unearthed...
10" MLP limited to 100 copies, audio taken from the Abyssic Commune cassette edition. 10" Released by Goatowarex. 


Thursday, 11 February 2016


OUT NOW via Nuclear War Now! Productions...

ILL OMEN : Æ.Thy.Rift : MMXV - MMXVI   
'Pale Death beats equally at the poor man's gate and at the palaces of kings.'


All Instruments/Voice/Recording/Mixing: IV
Mastering: BR (Temple Nightside / Grave Upheaval)
Cover: Yag Mort

Order email: voidcommune (at) hotmail (dot) com

Black metal has long been a vehicle of choice for an individual to express oneself independently and solitarily, albeit with differing degrees of success depending on the quality of the artist’s songwriting ability and musicianship. When these two attributes are of a higher caliber, a one-man entity completely devoid of the potential need to compromise his vision with those of a group of collaborators can flourish. Perhaps it is for this very reason that IV, the lone member of Ill Omen, has again succeeded in creating some of the most resonant black metal of recent times with “Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift,” the band’s third full-length album and its fourth release on Nuclear War Now! Productions. As with Ill Omen’s previous output, “Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift” exudes an organic continuity within each song and across all tracks on the album, which is an outcome often not realized when multiple songwriters and musicians are employed. This consistency is achieved by the implementation throughout of dual bass guitar layers (one clean and one distorted), notably skeletal percussion, the churning, choir-like atmosphere of tremolo-picked guitars, and a blend of chanted, whispered, and traditional black metal vocals. The singularity of this release is further cemented by the lack of distinction in track titles, a characteristic which serves to present the album as a sum of inseparable parts. In other words, and especially given the ritual-like quality of the record in its entirety, it is safe to interpret each track as a necessary component of a collective opus whose individual pieces were not created with the ability to sustain themselves independently of the work as a whole. What most readily sets this particular release apart from previous Ill Omen recordings is a more dedicated adherence to slower, more doom-oriented tempos, which are very well suited to this ceremonial variety of black metal. The listener may very well be left with the impression that this is the soundtrack in the mind of a disease-ridden being on its deathbed, at times feeling an almost celestial bliss at peace with the impending end of suffering, but at other times tormented by the physical and spiritual decay that will inevitably lead to its ruin.
- C. Conrad

ILL OMEN - Æ​.​Thy​.​Rift
Cassette, T-shirt & Metal logo pin out now via Sahluqtu Archives...
For trades and orders: sahluqtuarc (at)


ILL OMEN : Æ.Thy.Rift : Recording sessions


ILL OMEN 'Enthroning the Bonds of Abhorrence' Cassettes
Available within Australia. Order email: voidcommune (at) hotmail (dot) com



- 300gsm Jacket With Matt Varnish & Inside Flooded In Black
- 140g Black Vinyl
- Limited To 500 Copies

Hot on the heels of their Demise Rites demo collection released on vinyl by IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, Australia's EUCHARIST return with a brand-new mini-album entitled Endarkenment, set for release on 12" vinyl via IRON BONEHEAD. The band's first new material in nearly five years, Endarkenment is fittingly titled: as much as it illuminates a new side to EUCHARIST, it simultaneously dives deeper into the darkest recesses of the duo's sound. Granted, the atavism/primitivism is still firmly rooted in such ancient gods as Archgoat and Demoncy, but Endarkenment runs counter to so much rote "bestial metal" by exploring the doomiest netherworlds inherent in the idiom - and more often than not, the notes in between. Still barbaric and disgusting, Endarkenment offers a more immersive experience, invoking ritualistic possession and nocturnal obeisance; as such, each side of the record is its own unified work, its own equally-ghastly headspace. Mystery and malignancy have become hallmarks of EUCHARIST, and with Endarkenment, their un-comforting white web of death looms larger than ever.
(Nathan T. Birk)


Order email: voidcommune (at) hotmail (dot) com


EUCHARIST Metal logo pins
To order, Contact: muerte.espiritual(at)